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Chicago Trenchless Sewer Repair

Dealing with unexpected or expensive sewer problems is one of every homeowner’s worst nightmares. As the premier Chcago plumbing company, Intelligent Service provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for all your sewer problems, regardless of the size. 

We have the ability to repair and maintain your current sewer system without laying waste to your beautifully landscaped yard with trenchless sewer repairs in Chicago. With affordable rates and excellent customer service, our trenchless sewer repair solutions are unmatched. 

Our technicians are highly-trained and experienced and our company is fully dedicated to using only the highest quality products — two things that have helped us maintain an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. 

Affordable and Excellent Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Need to clear out your sewer pipes, but don’t want to mess up your yard? 

We have a solution for that: trenchless sewer repair. 

Intelligent Service is Chicago’s choice for sewer repair services. With trenchless sewer repair services, we can solve your plumbing issues fast! We offer several trenchless services that will allow us to fix your sewer problems without digging up your yard: 

  • Inspections: With just a small, high definition camera and some cable, we will inspect the inside of your pipes to locate any actual or potential sewer problems.
  • Hydro Jetting: Whether you are dealing with stubborn buildup that’s blocking your pipes or even a stubborn tree root invasion, this cleaning method can clean out all your pipes and drains with high-powered water blasts.
  • Pipe Lining: After we have inspected and cleared your pipes, we also have the tools to reline your pipes with a durable epoxy resin, a long-lasting solution that will drastically improve your sewer system without any major disruptions. 

Unrivaled Plumbing and Sewer Solutions for Chicago Homeowners

Since 1979, Intelligent Service has provided comprehensive and unmatched sewer and plumbing services services for Chicago homeowners.  Whether you need a small sewer repair or a complete overhaul of your entire sewer or plumbing system, we have the resources and the network to make it happen. The next time your toilet suddenly begins overflowing in the middle of the night or your sewage system fails on a major holiday, our certified technicians in Chicago stand ready to help. 

Through a relentless pursuit of top-tier customer service and dedication to providing only the highest quality products, we have established ourselves as the Chicago plumbing company of choice for thousands of homeowners. 

Request a Trenchless Sewer Repair Quote Today! 

The next time that you have a sewer problem, consider trenchless sewer repair services from Intelligent Service. We deliver an outstanding customer experience with high-quality products, timely service, and affordable prices! 

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Why Choose Intelligent Service?

Chicago Plumbing Professionals with Integrity

We care about your home just as much as you do, and we approach every HVAC or plumbing project with our five core principles in mind.

Safety First for All

Safety First for All

To maintain a safe environment for our family and yours, our technicians are drug-tested, manufacturer- and OSHA-trained, and EPA-licensed.

Superior Service

Superior Service

Our superior service guarantee drives us to always confirm appointments, arrive on time, keep homes clean, and work efficiently.

Positive Workplace

Positive Workplace

Instead of hiring subcontractors, we invest in creating a collaborative, fulfilling work environment so that we can retain top talent.

Exceptional Integrity

Exceptional Integrity

Our employees are not commission-based; they’re paid a fair wage and full benefits so they can act with integrity instead of high-pressure sales tactics.

Think Twice, Act Once

Think Twice, Act Once

We carefully weigh all Chicago HVAC solutions before choosing the right one. Once installed, we back our work with a forever guarantee.