One of the biggest challenges a company faces is choosing a name and a face for their brand. In some cases, a company ends up naming themselves more than once after realizing their company isn’t resonating with customers. That’s the case with Intelligent Service and their Einstein mascot that is so recognizable today.

In-Depth Beginnings in the Plumbing Industry

Neal and Jason, the owners of Intelligent Service, had a slightly different training experience than your average plumber. Unlike others that apprentice with a regular certified plumber, Neal and Jason trained with a Master Plumber who not only mastered the mechanical demands of the industry, but also the physics behind how plumbing works. Their apprenticeship allowed Neal and Jason to build new plumbing systems from the ground-up for new construction projects, enabling them to develop an advanced skill set that goes above and beyond the work that is required to complete residential service work.

Kerr Mechanical Corp. Opens for Business

In 2008, the guys took everything they learned and started a residential business under the name Kerr Mechanical Corp. The name was inspired by Bob Kerr, that master plumber who trained Neil and Jason. Since the 1970's, the Kerr name has been well-known in the commercial plumbing space. Unfortunately, it isn’t so well-known in the residential space.

It didn’t take long to discover that the name wasn’t resonating with residential homeowners. The word “mechanical” wasn’t something that appealed to homeowners who want an intelligent, friendly plumber to fix their plumbing problems. Instead, homeowners would make remarks about how bright the crew seemed, and one homeowner even said, “you guys are like plumbing scientists.”

It was time to build a residential service brand from the ground-up, starting with the name and the mascot.

Intelligent Service and the Einstein Mascot is Born

Neil and Jason returned to those remarks and realized that their knowledge of the plumbing industry is unmatched in the area. That’s where the “Intelligent” in Intelligent Service comes in.

Once the name was created, it was time to think about a mascot that would communicate the uniqueness of their service. Who represents intellect, science, and an appreciation of the trades?

Einstein seems like an obvious answer, but it wasn’t until Jason read an article where Albert Einstein himself said, “If I could do it all again, I'd be a plumber” that the answer was clear. Who better to represent the business than one of the smartest people to live! And the Einstein mascot was born.

Not only does our new brand instill a sense of confidence in area homeowners, because it’s clear that we really know our stuff, it also pushes us to evolve. Like Einstein himself, we are always on a constant quest for knowledge and mastery in an attempt to offer the best plumbing services to homeowners throughout the Northwest area of Chicago.